roommates want to add space heaters

College life is genuinely great. I’ve always been a bookworm, so school comes a bit easier to me than to some people, however one of my best friends, Kera, I met at school, have been roommates since our freshman year, and we are both elementary education majors, so we do just about everything together. We even work at the same eating place, although she is a cook, and I am a waitress. Kera and I get along so wonderful, but there is one thing that we disagree on, and that is the temperature to keep our room at. I prefer the room to be cool, in addition to I just pile a bunch of blankets on me to keep pretty warm, but my roommate, on the other hand, enjoys the room to be really warm, and she doesn’t like to use blankets at all just a sheet. Of course, we both want to find a good medium, but it never seems to happen. We keep the thermostat at seventy, but that’s not warm enough for Kera, so she obtained a space heater and put it beside her bed, but the space heater heats up the whole room, so I end up opening the window, and then, the whole room gets freezing. I’m not sure if we’ll ever figure it out or not, even though I hope we do because we are truly the best of friends.

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