Road crew and lack of a/c

I live right next to a major road; people zoom past my house going 100 miles an hour… What is worse, is that the road is in disappointing condition: there are potholes, cracks plus stone all over it. I am just waiting for the day that the road crew arrives. The road crew men will labor long into the evening, occasionally even weeks, on a single small stretch. What I constantly find strange is that there are a ton of men there, but maybe several of them actually work. There is usually a single guy driving the truck that pours the black top, as well as another guy that rolls the black top, plus there’s usually a guy with a rake. They have to toil for hours in the blistering sun, dealing with hotter black top. There is no shade or A/C for them. On the crew though, there are many other guys. They usually just sit around in their yellow hard hats and chat. At least they don’t get any cooling either. What bothers myself and others is that there is usually a large truck that blocks the road off. This guy is the signal to cars that something is going on. Usually a 300 pound fat guy is resting in the truck with the air conditioning system blasting, how is that fair? How did he get the job of resting around in a quality cooling system all day. I bet that guy listens to tunes, eats his breakfast, and just hangs out in the A/C while the other men work. They actually should rotate on who gets climate control.

cooling control

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