Right or Wrong?

Having to decide things isn’t my strong suit. I generally look to my wife for that. Even minor decisions are hard because I generally really don’t care either way. Do I want pizza or tacos? I could care less… That makes it a lot harder to decide, when you don’t have an opinion. So when it came time for a big decision like what kind of HVAC system should I get? Needless to say, it was agonizing. I didn’t know anything about HVAC systems, and the more I found out, the more options there seemed to be. Did I want a smart thermostat? Did I need zone control? How about radiant floor heating? How important is energy efficiency, price, and warranty coverage? It was all so overwhelming, but I had to decide fast! It was a difficult period of time for me. I know that sounds silly, but remember this was my weakest point. My wife was out of town during this time, and although I could call and confer with her, I was ultimately the one that had to make the final decision. I was on the spot, so I had to deal with it myself for the most part. My wife and I agreed price was a concern, and also a longer warranty sounded good, just in case something went wrong. Either way I looked at it we were having to spend a pretty good chunk of money, but there were some add ons that I decided against for the sake of keeping the budget intact. I did go for a system that had a longer warranty, and it was a better quality system as well, so that intruded on the whole issue of the price. In the end I did figure it out, and the new HVAC system was installed before my wife got home. It was just stressful for me.

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