Replacing the A/C filter

When I am unable to afford to fly, I stick with buses for cheaper transportation so I can visit family plus friends. Their routes take longer due to all kinds of detours for other stops, but it’s affordable. Except every single bus I’ve been on has had something go wrong it seems! From the bus having to pull over plus kick people off for smoking, to the bathroom door having trouble opening plus us not being able to leave the station until they managed to force it open, to the luggage compartment not staying closed, I’ve dealt with basically every manner of inconvenience when travelling via these buses. The worst of them, though, would have to be when the bus has to stop due to the air conditioner not working the right way. There is something in their policy which mandates that the bus can’t leave if the A/C isn’t working the right way… While I wouldn’t be thrilled with riding on a overheated, overcrowded bus, it would be way better than waiting 5 hours for the air conditioning equipment to get fixed or for a current bus with a functioning A/C to make it there. I don’t even know what it is about all of these buses, but they have these A/C issues way too often. There was one time, after waiting 2 hours to board the bus because of the air conditioner malfunctioning, finally people were able to board after these challenging A/C issues. Except then every one of us had to wait another 2 hours for a bus driver to become available due to our previous driver no longer having the time to make it to the next stop before he would have to stop to sleep, due to how long he had been driving. That is completely insane! If all of their buses have busted ACs, plus they are so important to the trip, they definitely need to come up with a more permanent solution than always delaying trips for so many temporary fixes.

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