Quality a/c while in the office

When I was looking for my very first apartment, I made sure to put down a written list of things I wanted for my apartment. When I was apartment searching I saw so many superb apartments that I could see myself living in, they all had that “down home” feel that I recognize that I was looking for. It was difficult not to get caught up in the beauty of some of those apartments. With the aid of my handy dandy checklist I was able to determine which apartment would be best for me. I wanted to be in a safe area of the city, no criminals sharing my building, walking distance to the park, not at the higher end of my budget, & I absolutely needed to have central air. I could not live in a locale that did not have the central air, it was a must have for me. There were numerous apartments that I loved, but 2 in particular. One was right across the street from the park & it had a simply gorgeous view out from every room, it was spacious, gorgeous difficult wood floors, top of the line kitchen, it was at the very low end of my budgets & it hit everything on my check list except for the central air. The other apartment was a little smaller & cozy, it was on the first floor with its own private entry, some gorgeous floors, a cute kitchen, central air, it had every single thing on my checklist too except it was over a mile & a half from the park. I had a choice to make when I realized it came down to these 2 sites; Did I option location over central air? Or did I option the central air over location. Of course in the end there was no contest I picked the central air conditioning!

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