Putting in the work

I work part time over the summer as a lifeguard. Do I love my job? No, I  don’t like being a lifeguard. I do like that I can get a tan, as well as I sit on the beach. However, I do get overheated a ton. Since I am outside a ton in sunshine, I have to worry about my skin. I mainly sit in shade with long sleeves, sunblock and a hat on. It really stinks since I then get even warmer. If there was a way to have AC, I would be happy as a clam. But sitting on the beach for hours in almost winter attire with no cooling is like torture! There could be a little lifeguard hut on the beach. You could sit in the chair for a couple of hours, then get a break in the hut that had some form of cooling system. The AC would cool me off and would get me motivated to go back outside. Also the lower your body temperature, the more focused you are. I am hot, overheated and sluggish. I also am super irritated at work. This is not the ideal lifeguard.  Honestly, if AC was blasting on me all morning, I would be more alert. I also would be more likely to run out in the sun to see if somebody needed help. The air conditioning is more than a lifeguard safety issue. It is for the people swimming who need help as well. Honestly I even could get by with a window cooling system unit.

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