Putting in the air cooling system

Not too long ago, I went through this phase of my life, where I wanted to change the entire course that I was following.  I had a great job working in a research laboratory, but I was bored. I wasn’t satisfied with the job that I had. Without any thought as to what I wanted to do now, I walked out on my job.  I knew that I wanted to perfect my artistry. I was a good artist when I was in school. I now wanted to see if I had what it took to be in the business. I knew I could return to another job if nothing panned out, but I was ready for the change.  I decided to downsize from my apartment. Without a job I was going to have a difficult time paying the rent on a four bedroom apartment. There is a workshop on my parents property that I am able to use. I have taken a lot of time to clean it out, and I am going to turn it into my apartment.  I never thought of myself as being someone who would live in a tiny house, but I’m excited. I’m worried, however, because I need HVAC out there. I can always go to the gas station to use their facilities, and I can use the sink for washing my body. Without the HVAC I am going to be really uncomfortable.  I’m looking for an HVAC system that is small enough for my new home, but they don’t make them. I’m now thinking about buying a ductless mini-split HVAC system. I’ll have heating and air conditioning, and since it is on the top of the wall, it won’t take up any living space.

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