Putting in our oil heater

When my girlfriend gave birth to our daughter, we already had a two year old son in addition to a five year old daughter.  It was challenging to keep up with our kiddos, but we managed. My partner worked from home, and I worked three jobs outside of the house.  Between the both of us, we managed to put food on the table, pay the bills, and save a few dollars for a rainy afternoon. That rainy afternoon came a week ago, when my girlfriend called while I was at work in a panic. The heating system had not been working all day, and she had already tried several ways to repair the furnace problems.   She said the little ones were complaining about being cold, and she didn’t know what to do. I left work and headed to the hardware store. I picked up a small portable heating system to help keep the kids warm, while we tried to figure out what was wrong with the furnace. It was cold in the house, when I arrived home. The control component was telling us the inside temperature was 50 degrees. I set up the portable heating system in the living room, and I turned the tv on to occupy the kids while we worked on the heating system. My girlfriend was crying in the garage, and I went outside to console her. She was emotionally and physically drained at this time. The furnace was only three years old, and the two of us didn’t expect to have issues so soon. I called a buddy of mine, who was handy when it came to heating systems. He came over after work, to see if he could help.   We got lucky, and Greg fixed the furnace for us. It needed a new part, which only cost us forty dollars.

heater repair

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