Putting in our cooling vents

My Mom and I have a special way to enjoy our time together, we love to run.  I have always been active and even ran cross country in school. Now that I am an adult, it gives us time together where it is just us will minimal distractions. It was also nice to have something like that is just our thing.  This way, no one else in the family infringes on our time. However, when we are running it seems like we are always on the same page, however last year my Mom and I decided that we wanted to run a marathon together. I knew that it was going to be difficult because my Mom is getting pretty old, however I figured if we trained everyday that it would be just fine. So, that is what we did. We ran everyday until the day of the marathon and it was great. We would run over 3 miles a day and build a little more each day. My favorite part about training was finishing for the day because I would get home, shower, and then lay underneath the air vent from the HVAC system to cool off. I would even turn the temperature down when I walked through the door to make sure it was nice and cold.  My mom always complains that I was going to make the energy bill go up if kept using the HVAC system like that everyday. I told her that I felt it was an important part of our training! She didn’t quite buy it although she let me sit under the vent anyway.

a/c system

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