Pure air system for allergies

For years I have gotten headaches due to my allergic reactions to dust. I hear people refer to an allergy season, but that season lasts all year long for me. There are so many things that I am allergic to, including household dust, pet dander, and several types of pollen. I take over-the-counter allergy medication, which oftentimes makes me drowsy and in a bit of a fog.  It is truly discouraging because whether I am on the meds or not, I do not have the best quality of life. But the other day, my husband was all excited about something or other. I was laying down with a cold cloth over our eyes, trying to get rid of a headache. He came into the room and blurted out that he had the answer to my dust allergy. If we were faithful in keeping the windows and doors shut, an attachment to our HVAC system might be the answer. What he was referring to was an air purification system that would work with our heating and cooling system.  The air filter system was guaranteed to filter out all allergens in the air of our home. The product claimed to nearly entirely eliminate the dust particles in our home and was designed specifically for allergy sufferers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually work. He already installed two different filters on our air vents: micron filters and HEPA filters. Even though we’ve tried just about everything before, I guess one more thing won’t hurt. If I can get some relief, he says it would be worth it, regardless of the cost. I’ll be watching for their delivery with great anticipation.

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