Pros and cons of central AC

Someone will always have it better than you that is just the way life is. I’m not saying that you should set out to be the best of the best because that isn’t a realistic goal. Instead, I feel that everyone should accept and embrace their life the way it is. We all have struggles and sacrifices to be made, but things could always be worse.   This is what I have been telling myself as I sit here and sweat through my clothing all day. A few weeks ago I let my jealousy get the best of me, and I’ve been suffering ever since. I have always lived in homes that were equipped with a few small window AC units. As a child I never thought anything of them but as I grew up, I experienced the central air conditioner at several friends’ homes and began to grow envious. I loved the feel of walking from room to room without a noticeable difference in air quality or climate. In my own house, every room was a different temperature because of the window AC units, which had different levels of efficiency and degrees of cooling power. I began to feel that the window cooling units were inferior to central cooling units.  A year later I had replaced our older cooling systems with a brand new one. It was rather pricey to install the giant central cooling unit, however I thought it would be worth it in the end. I was so wrong. Instead of delighting in our consistent air temperature, I’m miserable. None of the rooms are cool enough, the central AC runs loudly all day long, and the monthly energy bills are through the roof! Now I know, the grass is always greener.

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