Problems on my HVAC job

I used to be in the HVAC business. I worked with a lot of interesting guys and it was never boring, even when every one of us was out on just plain old routine service calls. This was the case once when I was out on an a/c service call with one of my best friends and favorite servicemans! His name was John, and he had a wonderful sense of humor.  One great fun time I remember was when we were on this particular service call. The lady who was the homeowner used John’s ladder to climb up onto her roof. This was after he had firmly told her not to use it because of insurance liability purposes. Well, John and I worked for an hour on this lady’s a/c. Both of us worked to change all of the air filters and then I did all of the correct air conditioning system routine service, too. When John and I were all finished and started to pack up all of our tools, John went back and packed up his ladder. He loaded it up into our Heating as well as A/C repair truck. John left the homeowner lady up on the roof, and he did it on purpose! He said if she wasn’t going to listen to him, then she could figure out her own way down! Needless to say, John and I laughed all the way back to our warehouse office picturing that lady’s face when she realized that she was stranded on the roof.  Well, she did not feel it was so funny. She called to complain and even got John fired. But now John works at another Heating as well as A/C business in another town and he says that he’d do the same thing all over again!

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