Pretty big HVAC in the home

A few years back the people I was with and I bought a lake condo and this fuzzy little kitten. This little ball of furry luff would follow us around all over the house, and just meow & chase her toys. She hastily learned how to climb up onto the bed & before the people I was with and I knew it she was sleeping away right next to our heads at night. Whenever I’d crawl in to bed at night, as soon as I would turn the lights off she would jump up and curl up right there on our pillow. There was no point in trying to move her; as soon as I would fall asleep she’d be back. I used to set the thermostat to a comfortably cool 75 degrees at night, however I found myself perspiring with this pet practically on our head. We have a very robust HVAC unit in our home, which I believe is enjoyable because it comes in quite handy with our cat. This cat, by the way, is no longer a fluffy little kitten. She is almost twenty two pounds. That is twenty pounds of sleeping feline lying on our head at night; Needless to tell you, I have started to turn the thermostat down well below seventy at night so I don’t sweat myself to death. This has its advantages during the winter, though. That pet puts off a wonderful deal of body heat, so he’s enjoyable to have around when the nights get frigid. I’m glad that the people I was with and I had decided to get the replacement to the HVAC system when the people I was with and I first bought the house, even though the people I was with and I hadn’t planned on having a fat pet in our bed.

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