Pressing HVAC device

This year, I joined a membership discount club with our local heating and cooling dealer. In order to receive a discount from our local heating and cooling dealer on the yearly membership, they provided a class on the weekend about heating and cooling preventive repair that homeowners could do themselves. In the class l found one of the most pressing parts of the heating and cooling system is the condenser unit and it is usually the most neglected. The course showed how the condenser intakes air from outside and runs it through the heating and cooling system which cools it and circulates through the house. Until this class, other than that it was part of the heating and cooling system. I didn’t even believe the purpose of this unit that was on the side of our home. The heating and cooling specialist explained that in order for the heating and cooling system to work effectively the condenser should be free of dirt, debris and unblocked by yard furniture. They said simply use your water hose to spray the outside of the unit to prevent dirt from accumulating and clogging the air condenser unit. I left the class grateful for the comprehension of how to repair our cooling system and glad for the 10% discount. It was a major learning experience all the way around. I was very happy.

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