Pottery class in a room that compensates

In my senior year of high school, I had to choose a handful of electives to spread out across my schedule. I had a ton of options – TV production, theater, woodshop, and sculpture were my choices. The first three were in rooms that were usually pretty cool, but the sculpting course was always held in a warmer room than most. The teacher explained to us that this was due to the kiln room inside the class space, which is where all the sculptures would be fired to stiffen and hold their shape. I remember starting that course when we’d just returned from winter break, so the cold weather was really starting to hammer the area. It was freezing in all of my classes, except for one – sculpture. See, that big ceramic kiln was insanely effective at heating up the entire building when it ran, as it would run for several hours at a time to “bake” all the clay sculptures into place. It was my favorite course, not only because the subject was therapeutic, but because it was always so comfy and warm in that room! My friends grew envious of my time spent in that class, especially since it proved to be a great place to talk to the lovely women in my class. They were all out on the field, running and doing push-ups in freezing weather as I was indoors, taking it easy in a warm classroom. I think I had the better high school experience, don’t you?

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