Portable a/c is not cutting it

Feeling tepid when you step inside your home?  You are not the only a single. I can’t seem to keep our indoor air pollen levels to our favorite temperature control.  My air conditioner just doesn’t seem to make our home comfortable anymore. Actually, our HVAC hasn’t worked well for a couple of years now.  I remember the heating system wasn’t keeping myself and others warm last winter, either. Several rooms are always colder & very drafty in the winter.  I had to go buy a couple of portable space gas furnaces to compensate for the draftiness. In fact, it is those same rooms that are always hot, even though I have lowered the control unit, & closed all the blinds.  I suppose our HVAC equipment is very old. In fact, our heating & cooling equipment is entirely at the end of its’ life, now that I’ve lived in this home 23 years. This same HVAC equipment was already here. So I suppose our HVAC equipment is entirely 25 years old, unfortunately.  Since that is the case, I’ll have to accept the inevitable & find a heating & cooling corporation that can provide myself and others with a great deal. Thank goodness for credit cards & financing because that is the only way I’m getting a new air conditioning & heating plan in this house.  I do realize, though that a new HVAC plan will increase the value of our home, which really will help. So all I will need now is to find an HVAC corporation willing to make a deal, a great credit card, & some HVAC coupons!

HVAC repair plan

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