Pollen in the air conditions

Well here we are again, and it’s the middle of May and everything has changed from gray to green outside; No I’m not talkin about St, Patrick’s day this time but something far more natural.  During the Winter season around here everything is totally dead and ugly. Not even the shrubbery retains any natural green pigment so the section sort of fades into a single giant sheet of gray-brown for 3 or 4 months. Then Spring hits, and the world explodes into a brilliant green color. No it isn’t budding trees I’m talking about but a large pollen bloom. Everything is covered in neon green powder and I can’t breath. My seasonal allergy symptoms are completely out of control and my lungs are doused in airborne pollen pollution every time I step foot outside. The pollen is sucked straight up by my outdoor air handler and dispersed into my indoor air as well. The air quality in my apartment has taken a nosedive and my health is reflecting it. Every morning I wake up so stuffy that I have to take a hot shower to open my nasal passages. The air inside my apartment is thick, stale and heavy, because I don’t want to turn on the HVAC system and risk bringing more airborne contamination indoors. I’m physically uncomfortable without any temperature control in the apartment and  I don’t know what else to do. I’ve sealed all my windows and doors to try to keep the outdoor air away from my indoor sanctuary but I can’t keep them closed up forever. Soon I either need to find an new air cleaner that can adequately filter out these tiny pollen particulates or to throw in the towel and move to another climate.

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