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When my husband and I first moved down here to the south, unfortunately we were not really prepared for the high demands of moderate and often humid weather. My loving husband and I were not used to needing our Air Conditioning for multiple months throughout the year. Having hot and cold temperatures that always get in the upper eighties and produces excessive relative humidity. Our new home then felt uncomfortably humid and very sticky. My husband and I kept going to lower the knob on the control unit, trying to become more comfortable. This also forced the system to function non stop, and cost us a lot of money in electric bills. Despite it being able to reduce the temp in the house,  but it still felt extremely moist to me and my husband.There still was a little condensation going down the windows and I had found that I had constant concerns with mold and mildew. I finally did some fact finding and then I asked for some advice from our nearby Heating, Ventilation, and A/C agency. The guy who was able to come out told me that we had to purchase a dehumidifier. Clearly, these current Air Conditioners are developed to create a cooling action, and they are not too effective when it comes to reducing humidity. When the air does get moist, it feels the air gets warmer and also provides the best surroundings for dust mites, bacteria and viruses. The dehumidifier isn’t overly fancy and it was installed without any big renovation. It incorporates directly into our existing cooling system and it operates independently. I am finally able to personalize the relative humidity to match our preferences. It has ensured we have a perfectly pleasant house. The dehumidifier is completely silent, it requires little service, and it has made for a substantial impact on the gratification of our home. My husband and I have been able to increase the setting on the control unit plus we reduced the workload of our Air Conditioning. Not only were we able to minimize the wear and tear on our component, but we’ve also been able to significantly shorten our monthly expenses.   

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