Piping to the heated floors

We bought our home years ago and our home came with a radiant floor gas furnace, but pipes were laced beneath the floor to carry the hot water under the home to create heat for the rooms above. Over the years, the pipes had decayed, and we hadn’t realized how much work they were going to be until we had to start getting service done on them. It was imperative that no area of that gas furnace malfunctioned. A minor leak in one of the pipes would ruin all the hardwood floors and kill the structure of the floor. It began to be obvious that the radiant floor gas furnace was much more of a pain than a typical system. We looked into replacing the new gas furnace with a new heating and cooling system. We have had a lot better luck with the new system the we ended up purchasing. We generally only have to have work done on it every year or so, plus it is easily efficient, which is nice. Our last system was quite energy efficient most of the time, so we wanted to make sure the new Heating and Air Conditioning system we bought was at least as efficient if not more so, then that being said, the replaced Heating and Air Conditioning system we have now has a lot more features than the older system had. We all identifiablely get a lot of use out of the zone control features on our new Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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