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My partner is basically a gadget nut.  He is constantly looking to purchase the latest technology that is available.  He is a single one of the first in line for the newest iPhone. He also doesn’t mind pre-ordering so that when it is available he will have it fast.  It doesn’t have to be the newest iPhone or sound system for that matter, as long as it is a current advancement, he wants to have it. Most of his purchases don’t honestly have a significant impact on the rest of the family.  He usually has to explain to me the difference between the previous model and the newer one that he is getting. The only substitute that he has made that genuinely interested me was the purchase of a smart thermostat. Once he started learning about this innovation in the heating and air industry he had to ask about it to an HVAC supplier right away.  They had a service professional come to our lake property for an in house evaluation! The first feature of the thermostat that caught my eye was the cool design. The smart thermostat was sleek and round. Also, unlike the traditional property thermostat systems that were either beige or pale white it happened to be black with chrome trimming and glowing green LCD display lights.  The smart thermostat is not simply a control panel but it contains extremely helpful information that can save you quite a bit on your heating and cooling costs. One of my most favorite features of the smart thermostat is that it will tell you how long a temperature change modification really took. I appreciate this feature and use it regularly as an indicator of the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the entire HVAC system. The smart thermostat is quite honestly the only upgrade that my partner has made that I entirely understood and saw the benefit of pretty much right away.

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