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Staying in a section that is prone to really long Winters in addition to merciless cold, I’ve never given a/c much thought.  The people I was with and I seldom prefer more than numerous weeks of hot weather. I was content with box fans with open windows until my child bought myself and others a portable air unit for Mother’s Day.  I wasn’t all that happy with the gift at first. I was reluctant to surrender the view from my kitchen window. I figured the cooling unit would be tough to install. My child installed it into the window for myself and others then positioned it in.  He had the cooling unit in place in addition to running within numerous minutes. I was surprised by the quiet operation, how hastily it cooled down the kitchen. I hastily acquired the preference of the portable air unit, knowing that I would not be the same without it. The unit is so lightweight, it’s easy for myself or others to carry it down from the attic to set it into the window.  I officially install it as soon as the snow melts, because I sleep so much better when it’s running. I now prefer to keep the window closed while avoiding the increase of dust, pollen, exhaust fumes, and other smells. My kitchen stays much cleaner. I no longer get disturbed by traffic sounds, noisy neighbors and their dogs or chirping birds. The unit also actively filters the air it moves, removing dust, and other contaminants.  It is harshly easy, convenient to operate. I have a wireless remote which allows myself and others to make adjustments to temperature, without needing to get up. The only disadvantage is that I now have trouble getting up in the afternoons.

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