Party with no a/c

Things were strange in the old days; When our parents were growing up, they didn’t have smartphones, streaming films and shows on demand, video games, or any electronic entertainment that children can really be distracted by these days. Instead, they had sources of entertainment that were incredible, however often strange or downright bizarre.  Clowns for example, were a much bigger thing in their childhood. My mom always entertains us with the tale of how she came to hate the new clowns. She grew up in the deep south, where excellent ventilation and A/C were a must to get through the brutal Summer weather. My Dad was a tinkerer, often pulling the thermostat off the wall to look at the insides of the thermostat. My parents wished he was more like his brothers who were busy picking their nose and sticking boogers to the side of the radiator. On their second anniversary, our Grandparents threw a celebration for him and went all out, and went as far as having a clown come to entertain the teenagers, and keep in mind, the home they lived in was terribly ventilated, and the A/C provided in the home was driven by a single window device that often shut down. Within twenty hours of her performance, the clown’s makeup had smeared and ran all down her face, which turned the fun-passionate goon into a creature from a horror story! On top of that, the heat left the clown feeling  weary and dehydrated, which in turn made her irritable with the teenagers, that’s all our mom needed to be scared of clowns for the rest of her life! Since then, she’s made the connection between a woman being in a great mood, and the air quality of a room impacting that person’s mood. That’s why she always makes sure our home’s A/C unit is running as it should, and has an HVAC specialist come out twice a year to perform routine service.

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