Packed tight with dust-HVAC

My family loves to go out to dinner for special occasions, but we often makeup special occasions. ¬†Honestly, I guess we just don’t like having big dinners at home because of all the cooking and cleaning will end up having to do. Typically, restaurants keep the air conditioning blasting cold air, which makes sense since there are usually a lot of customers, and all those bodies give off a lot of heat. So in preparation, my wife and I bring sweaters, wear pants, socks and shoes, and occasionally a jacket. We often bring small blankets, which we claim are for the kids, but they typically don’t want to use them, so we end up using them. One night, we tried out a new restaurant that had good reviews and great desserts. We weren’t really prepared for what we experienced though. The place was jam packed with people, but we did think to get reservations, so we were seated rather quickly. however after a short walk to our seats, we realized it was pretty hot! ¬†It was like there was a heating vent right above our table. We asked our waitress what was going on, and she said they were working on figuring out the problem. Turns out their air ducts were in serious need of cleaning, and the HVAC repairman was able to clean them out and get the A/C running again. believe it or not it wasn’t long before we actually started to feel cold. Luckily, we had our sweaters and blankets ready, so we actually managed to enjoy our meal together.

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