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You legitimately don’t want to hear the whining complaints of a landlord, do you? Well, landlords are people too, and while many of you out there may think that it is an easy job, that is far from the truth. A few weeks ago I rented our place out to a current renter, but before this family moved in, I made sure to have a full inspection of the central heating and cooling system, just to make sure it all worked well. The heating and cooling business gave me a passing grade on my heating and cooling system, but proposed a tune up at least once a year going forward due to the age of the cooling system. The current renters had been there less than a month before they called me on the phone to complain about a problem with the air conditioner system. Since I had recently had it evaluated, I called the same heating and cooling business back in to look at the heating and cooling system once more. He told me that these people must be running the air conditioner on maximum cooling all day and all night. In just a month they had almost worn out our old heating and cooling unit. The renters are complaining about it night and day, but they are not the ones that have to pay for heating and cooling repair now, are they? It’s me, the landlord that has to do this!

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