Overuse of air conditioner in grocery store in the middle of summer –

I absolutely hate spending time and money on grocery shopping.  I tend to wait until my family is running low on everything before I make the trip.  This past week, the refrigerator was nearly empty, and we were completely out of toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper.  With no choice, I made the twenty minute drive to the grocery store. Since it’s the middle of July, and the outside temperature is in the low eighties, I ran the air conditioner in the car.  I also dressed in shorts, tank top, and sandals. It never occurred to me to bring along a winter coat, but I should have. As soon as I stepped inside the grocery store, I realized my mistake.  The commercial air conditioner was blasting so hard that it blew my hair around. I immediately started shivering, but there was no escaping the influx of cold air. Because of the overuse of the air conditioner, I rushed through my shopping as fast as possible.  I was in such a rush that I grabbed the wrong brands and products off the shelves, and totally forgot several items on my list. Shopping the frozen food aisle was pure torture. Running the air conditioner at such high capacity certainly costs the store a fortune in energy bills.  Instead of encouraging shoppers to stay longer and spend more money, that cooling system is chasing people out of the store. I couldn’t wait to step outside, back into the heat and humidity, so that I could warm up. I didn’t even run the air conditioner in the car on my way home.  

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