Overlooking common causes of underperforming A/C

Many of us have a tendency to focus only on the big picture, and forget about the little things that could be contributing to the cause of a conflict. We see only what the news shows us, but does that really show what could actually be happening in that part of the world? It’s up to us as people to do our research and come to our own conclusions. One particular thing that always vexes me is how my husband will immediately jump to conclusions about people, places or events that might not even affect him. I tell hm all the time that he should really think about what the causes really are! For example, we live in a two-bedroom house that has a big sliding door to the patio. While we love our charming little townhome, we have issues keeping the house cool during the Summer. My husband immediately believed the air conditioning system was trash, and that we should pay big bucks to replace the whole thing. Hold on there! I told him to wait on making that decision, and did some research on possible causes for a house that can’t stay cool. Many sources were telling me that poor seals were the main suspect, so I investigated our home. Sure enough, the stripping on our windows, as well as our sizeable patio door, all had chipped and torn up seals that were leaking our precious cold air out into the world. I told my husband we needed to get to the hardware shop and pick up some seals for the doors and windows, and he just rolled his eyes and grabbed his keys. I know he gets irritated when I prove him wrong, but hey – maybe he should do his research?

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