Outdated heater

There is nothing pretty about getting old. I would not wish getting it on my worst enemies. It is the sort of thing you cannot honestly conceive of until it happens to you, and now it is happening to me. I watch my body betray me, and grow ever weaker each passing year. My eyesight is failing on me, and I have an appointment to get bifocals, the ultimate old person glasses! My hearing is getting so bad lately that it causes conflict in our home. I decided I will go deaf before I ever get a hearing aid. I struggle with day to day chores and I can no longer do things like household repairs or splitting wood for the wood burning furnace anymore.  For the last thirty years I have always chopped wood to burn in the furnace and the fireplace to keep the house warm over the winter. I can no longer split wood, which means I either have to start buying it, or start using our HVAC system instead. We have a really nice furnace that is fueled by natural gas, although I have never enjoyed using it. I much prefer the smell of the burning wood over that of the heat that comes out of the vents. Now that we are facing the high cost of having cords of firewood delivered, I realized that it may be better and more economical to use the HVAC system. I will have to make sure it is serviced before next winter because it hasn’t been used that much over the years.  I am sure it needs a good cleaning at the very least.

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