Our workplace smart HVAC

For the past year, I have been living in weird state of mind.  I have been trying to start my own business, and it doesn’t seem to be getting off the ground.  I work a lot, but I am barely paying for my own existence. I’ve got no money for anything, and now it is finally at a spot where it is time to give up.  I need to find my life again, and try to move on from the disaster I have created. I know that the only choice I really have is to work for a company. If I work for a company, I really doubt that everyone there will have their own thermostat to control their own environment and that is where I am spoiled.  I love working from home, because I have an excellent HVAC system in my home. I have Zone Control, so I can work in my own comfort and not bother anyone else. I even have a Smart Thermostat. I am able to tap a button on my computer or my phone and I can change the amount of heating or air conditioning that I am getting, from anywhere I am.  I love that. I can’t honestly see me having that kind of personal HVAC enjoyment when I am working for a company. I love my HVAC, but I need the extra money. Maybe I should just start looking for a company that will hire me to work from home. This would be the ideal type of job for me. I’m going to go online and put that into the search engine when I am looking for a new job.

smart HVAC

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