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When my fiance and I first bought our new home about four years ago, it was necessary to make some additions to the heating plus cooling system.  The furnace plus a/c were both incredibly old and in poor condition. The equipment had never been inspected properly and was clearly corroded and filled with dust. My fiance and I weren’t happy about fire hazard, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even health problems due to mold from the unit.  Unfortunately, the ductwork also needed to be substituted. There were several leaks and holes that wouldn’t be able to be sealed. Replacing the whole heating plus cooling unit was a messy and pricey task. My fiance and I ended up splitting down walls to access the ductwork, which allowed us to improve the level of insulation plus make some necessary adjustments to the plumbing. My fiance and I lived in the home during these renovations, and it was not fun. It was so hot without ac control, and dust was everywhere. However, once the task was completed, it was all worth it. My fiance plus I had taken out a loan to invest in a top of the line heating plus cooling system. The furnace achieves a 98% AFUE plus the a/c provides 26% SEER, which is very energy efficient. The unit features something called adjustable speed technology, which adjusts capacity automatically to match the home’s modern demands. The heating/cooling equipment can run somewhere between 40 to 100% capacity, and will constantly operate at lower speeds. The lower speeds optimize energy efficiency while maintaining a uniform temperature throughout.  

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