Our older heater and a/c unit

As a child growing up in the southern area of the United States, I lived in an older home that honestly had its share of troubles! A lot of homes in my section of the country were built on slab foundations–a type of poured concrete style almost always done in the 70s, which is when most suburbs in my section were constructed. My parents wanted to do the best thing possible.  They were trying to be careful in purchasing their first home, as they has 2 growing children to raise. They needed a place that was affordable plus didn’t need a lot of renovations to be done. The last thing my parents wanted was for their children getting hurt. They settled on a ranch style home with a big family room and a roof that had been thoroughly inspected and had a foundation that didn’t have any major troubles! Fast forward 2 years and suddenly the ceiling is leaking in the hallway. My parents were so distraught that they might need a new roof, as the records didn’t state when it had last been replaced. They were convinced the leaking was due to a whole in the roof.  But it wasn’t–it was coming from the vents of the ancient HVAC, which was in need of a tune-up. My parents grew up in the Northeast, so they had no realization that a central heating, ventilation, plus A/C unit needed for maintenance other than adjusting the filters plus dusting out inside the unit. Fortunately, they were able to get a local HVAC specialist to come out and maintenance the issue. It ended up costing far less than a roof repair, plus the central air conditioning plus heating system never gave us an issue again.

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