Our lizard and ductwork

My roommate Erica has to go bye bye! I went and bought a home that was a little bit out of my price range. I figured I could fix it up and sell it for a profit. While in the process, I would just get a roommate. I needed a roommate fast, so I went online and found Erica. She is exactly what you would think of with a random roommate. She is super unusual as well as she’s freaking me out. The worst is that Erica has this disgusting looking lizard thing for a pet. She lets the lizard out of its glass cage all of the time too. So I made a rule that she has to stay in her room with that thing. I assumed Erica would leave it in the cage. She absolutely let him out of the cage, and now the lizard found a way into my HVAC duct. The lizard is missing as and Erica has been hearing him in the HVAC ducts. There is literally a gross lizard thing walking around in my HVAC ducts! I bet it is pooping and peeing in there too! I can’t run my heating and cooling system because of this. I don’t want that poop and pee in my indoor air quality. Also, I can’t run the HVAC system and potentially kill the lizard with overheating or freezing it. Having a live lizard in the HVAC duct is bad enough. A dead lizard in the HVAC duct would be horrible! Erica thinks we should go and hire a heating and cooling specialist to do HVAC ductwork cleaning and she will find her lizard. I am not paying a single cent for that lizard though. Not at all!

duct cleaning

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