Old House Converted to Central Air

Several years ago my partner and I bought an old Victorian home in the city where we lived in the northeast.  The home had not have many upgrades and was a real fixer upper. The first year or two we focused on the kitchen and bathrooms. We also did a ton of wall paper stripping and painting and even stripped the paint from some of the woodwork in the dining room.  The furnace in the home was older but was still functioning so we decided to let an upgrade go for another year. The home had never had air conditioning aside from a window unit here and there mostly in the bedrooms. After suffering through a hot summer without much A/C, we determined that we would add central air to the home.  It was also a great time to replace the furnace and we received a substantial discount for doing both the furnace and central air at the same time. But we wondered how they could add central air to such an old home that only had heating vents. The HVAC company we hired to install our new systems explained how they could actually use the existing heating vents for the air conditioning.  They might not be as effective as if installed in a brand new home but they could certainly do the job. The new furnace was an energy efficient model and looked so small in the basement compared to our old furnace. The A/C compressor unit was installed outside with tubing running to the unit installed next to our furnace. It looked all very complicated but they made it work. We now enjoy every season of the year in our old house in comfort.

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