Office a/c reduced

I absolutely hating working in a large office building. I have been working for the same contractor for decades and appreciate the job, so don’t misunderstand me when I saw that working in a corporate office building is not as perfect as some would hope. I have to make sure that I consistently take a jacket with me nearly every day because the office is very cold. I don’t even understand how it gets so cold because the people I was with and I have bottom to top windows on our floor. However, nearly every day, I find myself dreaming about being in a room that is a lot toastier. I believe our Heating plus A/C plan is programmed by a PC, plus the people I was with and I aren’t allowed to reprogram the temperature control. It is exhausting because the temperature control is right in front of our cubicle, but it is tucked away in a plastic box, so I can’t reprogram it. I absolutely wish that I was able to reprogram the temperature of the temperature control plus make the office a little bit more toasty for me plus the different employees. The workers I was with and I have even grumbled to our managers about how cold the room is plus how the roaring air conditioner makes it almost impossible to work as hard as possible. However, they told us that heating the building up would be an unnecessary expense. I absolutely desire that our manager was desirous to make a change, although I believe I will have to continue to tough it out plus just keeping doing our work for now!

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