Not using our cooling unit

When I was young, we had a small home in the south, and it was old. Everything from the oven to the air conditioning was at least half the age of my parents. However on the bright side, we were up in a hilly section with lots of wind, so we rarely had to worry about it getting too warm inside the house! With the warm climate, heating was never much of an issue to begin with, and for the longest time we hardly ever used our old air conditioner unit. Maybe once or twice a year if we truly needed it, however my parents consistently said, if you were hot, turn on a fan. But that all changed one Summer day when it got so tepid out that the air looked like it was shaking off of the front porch! Even with every fan in the house running, there was just no way to beat the heat! But then my Mom remembered the old air conditioner unit in the master bedroom. We hadn’t touched the air conditioner in over a year, but we finally decided to give it a shot. And boy did it make a difference! Within just a few minutes the old air conditioner cooled the whole house to a chill. We may have given it the doubt all those years prior, but from then on, if the heat was too much to bear, we flipped the air conditioning right on. And how we were thankful for having our air conditioner at all.

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