Not the Best HVAC Company in Town

I remember a cold winter from back when. That year is the year that changed my life once and for all! You see, we lived in the northeast. That’s where I was born. The houses at that time did not come with an air conditioning system, but every home was in need of a heating plan of some sort in order to survive the winters. We used an oil oil furnace, and it did a great job of warming the home filled with numerous kids. However, one year, my father died out of the blue and my mother was left to take care of all of us on her own. She did okay by finding a job, using social security death benefits she was entitled to, and getting some help from the church. Then everything was pretty smooth until the Winter when the old oil furnace bought the farm. In those days, you simply could not live without a oil furnace to keep the home livable, and a new oil furnace was so high-priced. Most of the shops in the small town where we all lived would extend credit to people, especially my mother since they knew our situation, but the heating and cooling company was new in town and refused to extend credit. My mom needed to get the full cost of the oil furnace together in order to replace the old broken oil furnace. She couldn’t do it so she sold the home and moved to the south where we all would no longer need a oil furnace, and that is how an oil furnace changed my life.

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