Not happy with their HVAC tech

Our city recently made the choice to completely renovate and update all the buildings of business and buildings of residents in the area. This was all of them. From the run-down to the ones that were more upper class. Everything needed renovations. It took a long while, but things seemed to be going smooth, until it came time for the HVAC upgrades. If they just hired the best heating and cooling company for the work, it would have been a 100 percent success. Instead, I guess that this identifiable city development panel went with the lowest bidding heating and cooling company with no other cares for the work. This heating and cooling corporation didn’t care about this project at all. They didn’t worry about maintaining the original building while installing the new furnaces, air handling ducts, or central heating and cooling systems. They also failed to consider the diverse needs of the retail and living spaces. Nor how that would impact the HVAC equipment. This resulted in the absolute worst selection of commercial heating and cooling for the apartment residents. The idiot HVAC contractors installed one huge heating and cooling unit along with an industrial sized boiler to repair all the buildings! Now, instead of making premium rental spaces, these unfortunate business owners and apartment residents are blasted with industrial powered heating and cooling all year.

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