Nobody will ever inspect the heater

I am so thankful that my fireplace has always turned on! One year, my oil furnace thought about not turning on, it made a lot of unusual noises love grinding of gears. So, I was a fantastic girl and called the local HVAC business immediately. Since it was the middle of Wintertime, they were full of gas furnace repairs. I went on a waiting list and told them to call me when they could. I waited weeks and weeks. I even bought a few space heaters to get by. I finally gave up on the HVAC company and took a peek at the fireplace. I vacuumed the inside of it, changed the oil furnace filter and oiled the blower. I then wiped down the fan blades and diagnosed the heat exchanger. Once I was satisfied the fireplace was properly cleaned, I tried turning it on again, the fireplace turned on with no issue at all. There was no grinding noise or big production on turning on. I decided that I would use the fireplace and still wait for the HVAC provider’s call. The fireplace could definitely use a professional heating tune up. This was around 6 years ago. I am still waiting for that HVAC business to call back. I am guessing that they will not and my business is not that important to them. Thank goodness I figured out my own fireplace repair or I would have been without heating that Wintertime. Space heaters just don’t cut it like a large gas fireplace does! Good thing I guess how to clean the fireplace.

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