No more cold toes with heated floors

When I was a child every one of us would regularly go to our Grandmother’s home for the holidays.  It was a lovely time and I have multiple cherished memories from our visits. There were a few things that were bizarre about our visits and one of them came to mind recently in a bizarre way.  I have regularly suffered from cold feet. Not the concerned kind, I legitimately have genuinely cold feet. Occasionally they are so cold that they hurt. My Grandmother used to sizzling up a cloth bag filled with rice on the radiator and then stick in at the bottom of our bed at night to keep our feet sizzling as I went to sleep.  This was the best feeling in the world. The reason I thought of this is because I just had radiant floors installed in our lavatories and kitchen. In the Winter it was downright torture to get out of bed in the afternoon and head in to take a shower. My kitchen and lavatory floors were so cold that it was shocking to step on them. Now, I don’t have that same dread when I wake up or when I step out of the shower. I have the floors programmed to come on an hour before I get up and I never have to worry.  I only wish I had contacted our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation years ago to make this change. It was quite the process to have the upgrade done as they had to remove the ancient flooring, install he warming mats and then put down the current floors. The whole process took almost more than one weeks although I couldn’t be happier with the results.

heated floors

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