No money for a/c repair

My friends and I graduated at the same time, and decided to attend the same university. Since there were several of us, we decided to rent a house in town. It was close to the university, and we could walk, ride a bike, or even take a cheap Uber; Everything was going well and we got along famously. The first semester seemed to fly by, and we renewed our lease for the next semester. Around this time, I started to notice some weird behavior with one of our roommates. My friends noticed the weird behavior also, and Charlie was typically late with rent, and spent hours at the local casino. One time, Charlie lost her entire paycheck in less than an hour. At that time, she had a fat stash of cash saved. We tried to bring up the issue, so we could talk to her about the gambling. We ¬†were all afraid that she was going down a rabbit hole. Then, Charlie let us down in a big way. We had to have our air conditioner unit repaired, and Charlie didn’t have any classes for the day, and she offered to stay in the house, and wait for the air conditioner repair woman to show up. When every one of us got home from classes, Charlie was nowhere to be found. There was a note on our door from the air conditioner repair woman. She had been there, but no one was at the house. We started calling Charlie on the phone and she finally picked up an hour later. She had been at the casino all morning, trying to win back our air conditioner repair money.

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