No heater source either

New Year’s Day has already been a time to celebrate.  It’s the beginning of a new year, and a new beginning.  It is winter, and who doesn’t like winter. We also love the New Year’s Day parade that goes in our town.  I love going to the parade. It is cheerful and a lot of fun. We get to watch all of the colorful floats, and hear the marvelous performers.  Some of the people will actually put on musicals right in the middle of the streets. My favorite are the Mummer’s who perform. They are in costumes and they dance down the street in huge colorful, feathered outfits.  My friends and I gather into a big group and we go behind scenes while we are waiting for the parade to start. This year, I’m not sure what is going to happen. They are calling for a huge blizzard in the morning. The temperatures are supposed to be near zero, with predicted snowfall totals up to a foot.  With the wind blowing, this could be a dangerous situation. I’m thinking that it may be best to stay home and watch the parade on television. I’m not a wimp, but I like having the furnace to keep me warm. I’m not into freezing, and without some kind of heating, that is exactly what I would be doing. When I turned on the television tonight, they were saying that with the impending blizzard, the parade was being cancelled until the weekend.  That sounds good. I can stay home with the furnace and keep the heating going all night. Over the weekend, if the weather is good, then we can go to the parade.

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