No easy solution for the a/c

Last week, my son graduated from high school. The school’s graduating class was so large that the campus auditorium could not seat all of the attending guests. Instead, the school rented a nearby college campus to host the graduation ceremony. The auditorium at the campus was absolutely beautiful. Everything went well with the exception of one tiny little problem. The college staff forgot to turn on the air conditioning for the event. Imagine not only having to wear your normal clothes in the heat, but also having to wear a cap and gown over them. When you have over five hundred people at an event, there is no easy solution to an A/C problem. Even if the staff would have turned on the air conditioning after the event started, it would have been too late to make much of a difference for the remainder of the event. I was wearing a shirt and tie, and the lack of any air conditioning left me completely drenched by the end of the ceremony. The school staff handled the situation well, though, as they never even seemed phased in the slightest by the temperature. The principal announced the graduates with excitement, and if he was sweating, I certainly could not tell. I am glad that they were able to use such a nice facility to host the ceremony. Next time, they just need to make sure that someone fires up the air conditioning well in advance of the start of the event. Otherwise, the school might start getting phone calls from upset parents who don’t do well in warmer temperatures. I am sure the principal may not be as composed if that starts happening.

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