No cooling on our date

Right now I am on my first date with Kristy and I am trying not to show how upset that I am. After checking the climate on my phone, I prepared for it to be a little chilly later so I dressed accordingly. On the ride to the restaurant I prepared myself mentally for the date with Kristy. I am now a few minutes ahead of schedule so I am out front of the restaurant and waiting for Kristy to arrive. I see that the door to the restaurant is not shut and it seems to be a good crowd, so perhaps that will help cut the worried tension. I have already sent Kristy a message to let her recognize that I am waiting out in the front of the restaurant. Standing at the entrance scanning the restaurant I have noticed that people seem awkward and a few individuals right now are fanning themselves with napkins from the table. I see Kristy enter the restaurant I notice that the restaurant is a little warm and that is why some people seem so uncomfortable. I try to ignore the temperature and focus on the fact that my date is here. This has been a hard job because all I could think about is the temperature, and did they have the gas furnace on due to it would be chilly? Or is the air-conditioner broken? Do they need an Heating and A/C repair done? I eventually will cave and ask someone what is the deal, not now though.

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