No AC at high school reunion

Last weekend was my twenty fifth high school reunion. The only reason I went is because my wife encouraged me to do so. And I think the only reason she wanted to go was to see embarrassing old pictures of me and dig up dirt from my high school chums. So for one reason or another, we both went to my old high school, where a throwback prom was being held in the gymnasium. It was just as awful as any other dance I went to in that gym, only now it was all steeped in nostalgia for a simpler time. On the other hand, the AC was out of commission, so it was hot and stagnant in there, and pretty much miserable for us all. I was told that the air conditioning system died several years ago, and the school had just never had it repaired. I saw an old friend named Dave, who I learned had opened up his own HVAC contractor business, and together we snuck off to check out the bad AC equipment. In reality, checking on the cooling system was only an excuse. Really we stood behind the air conditioner and smoked cigarettes and drank flasks of whiskey, just like in high school! Before we went back to the dance, Dave actually did give the air conditioner a quick inspection, and said it was 22 years old and not capable of being repaired. It would probably be easier and cheaper to build a whole new gym than it would be to fix that old AC unit.

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