Not too long ago, my good buddy purchased a new SUV. It was a really nice ride I must say. He even hooked up a gaming console inside of it so his kids could play their games when he was driving. I thought that was pretty neat, but something I noticed when I was riding with him once was that his A/C system was very lacking. I asked him if he could adjust the temperature control to get the A/C going more, but he said it was already on full crank. If that was full crank, I knew we were in some serious trouble since it was really hot outside. I looked on my phone to find out how to get the A/C working better in a car. I found that usually if the A/C in the car is not really cold, that means the refrigerant is really low. So we went to an auto part store and picked up a refrigerant filling kit for the car. It was pretty straight forward, we simply attached the hose and filled up the refrigerant. When we filled the car with the refrigerant, I was amazed at how cool the A/C was blowing after that. That air was seriously ice-cold! It actually got too cold when we had the A/C at full crank so we had to turn it down! I was glad that we were able to solve that problem and it really made the ride a lot more enjoyable to drive around in! I definitely want to drive around with my buddy more often.

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