New heater in the home

Everyone remembers their firsts. The first time they had ice cream, the first airplane ride and so on. For me, my first that sticks out is the first time I used my brand new furnace. I remember it well – the temperature had just fallen low enough to turn that heater on! Excitement coursed through me as I used the thermostat to set the current temperature. The heat kicked on soon afterward. It felt wonderful… for all of five minutes. Just when I thought everything was going right, the heat cut out. Just like that! It just stopped. It was too late to call the heating and cooling corporation I had used for the installation, and they wouldn’t be open again until Thursday of next week. Today in history, was a Thursday! When I finally could call, the line was busy. I was sad, as I left a message hoping they would get back to me soon. A few days later, someone from the corporation finally called me back, and I was so glad that they finally reached back to me! I had to schedule an appointment for an HVAC guy to come out and see what was up with the equipment.  I felt like I’d just had them out there for the installation, but that wasn’t all bad! That meant it could’ve just been an installation hiccup. As hoped, it was a minor thing. The heating and cooling specialist that came to the house figured the problem out, and fixed it all within an hour. Thank god! There was nothing wrong with the brand new system. I had spent a ton of cash on that thing, and spending any more on it just wasn’t in the budget. The specialist assured me there was nothing wrong, which brought me some peace.

oil heater

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