Need to get an air purification system

I have constantly had awful allergies since I was a child. It is something that I learned to live with from a young age. I experience allergies year round. Of course, Spring is worse than the rest of the year. I remember waking up with absolutely itchy eyes plus crying because I couldn’t stop itching them. My parents never thought the allergies were anything serious; they just assumed that I would outgrow them. They were so wrong. When I was eighteen, I moved out into my own apartment. I moved while in the Spring season, so I was expecting to have some serious allergic reactions while in the moving process. To my surprise, my allergies calmed down right after my move. I couldn’t figure this out. I didn’t know that moving could honestly make me suppose this much better, so I diagnosed the theory; I spent one night at my parents. Then sure enough, the allergies returned. I explained the situation to my doctor plus he offered me a logical explanation. Because I was living in a new building, the ventilation was brand new plus clean. There was not any dust or debris built up inside of the vents. I immediately called my parents to ask if they ever got their vents cleaned when I was a child. As expected, my mother said that they never did. My allergies could have been manageable if my parents had their HVAC ducts cleaned. I could not fathom this! It was not worth being mad over though… I was just glad that I was finally living with some relief.