Need some reliable cooling

There’s no way – no way at all, that I can survive without it! Or rather, I have no desire to. Some people, like my brother George, are constantly telling me about some “save the planet” campaign they’re always on. George always tells me all the facts about pollutants, how to save the Earth, blah blah blah! When he came to our house this one time a few years back, he instantly commented on the central cooling system and how “It is so terrible for the environment”. Well sorry George, but my air conditioner use pales in comparison to what industrial and commercial buildings emit! I like to have our air conditioning on in the summertime when it’s hot outside. I guess it is terrible for the environment after all, I’m not the one who came up with the invention of the cooling system, so I don’t see why he starts with me! So yeah, a lot of people have central air. It’s not like I’m the one dude that’s got air conditioning. Cut me some slack! Now our mother is on board with her craziness, and is constantly preaching this “save the Earth” nonsense. If she ropes anymore of the family in on it, the holidays are going to be a complete nightmare. Nope, that just is so not going to happen!

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