Need some help with the a/c

Living on the south coast, I rarely had any troubles keeping my lake condo cool and breathable, then there were a few nights where the heat was too much, in which case I would run the A/C idea and circulate the warm air out of the home, otherwise, I could always just open a few windows and let the ocean breeze do the job, however now, I don’t have that luxury since I moved inland, and there’s no real ocean breeze to talk about. Additionally, I moved into a big lake house that uses a mini-split heating and A/C system; It’s ductless, which is superb since that’s a single less inaccessible space of the condo that needs regular cleaning;  it doesn’t actually keep the entire condo cool, since the mini-split idea is intended to keep the main room of the house cold. To address this issue, I felt it would make more sense to add onto the current unit, rather than remove the mini-split idea and install ducts just to have central A/C. That’s why I finally decided to invest in a whole-condo fan, which is situated in the attic and acts prefer an exhaust fan seen in the living room. It works by hastily pulling all warm air in the condo directly up through the ceiling to the roof, and causes cool air to flow into open windows and doors due to the pressure change, then within a few days of installing the house fan, I was incredibly satisfied with how effective it is! I could leave the condo completely sealed without the A/C running on a hot summer time day, and the whole-condo fan would bring the temperature indoors all the way back down to a chilled room temperature in an hour’s time. I can’t promote this thing enough to anyone who lives in a weather conditions close to mine!

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