Need good climate control when there is two of us

My fiance Milly plus I both task from home. At first, this sounded appreciate it was a beautiful idea. We both were able to stay at our modern home so that means we don’t need a car. We don’t have the upscale office dress code, and the people I was with and I can travel anytime the people I was with and I want to travel plus the people I was with and I can live wherever the people I was with and I want. The problem with working out of a modern home is actually working with another person who does it. If it was just me or just Milly, it would be great. Since there are numerous of us, problems come up for us all of the time. If the people I was with and I require the plumber, electrician or Heating and A/C corporation to come over, who takes off from doing their job? Who is the one that controls the modern home heating plus cooling too? In an office setting the boss is the one who handles the control unit. With Milly plus I, it is a test of who cares more. Milly wants to crank the AC all morning, everyday. I would appreciate to save some money by not running the cooling system. I would way rather open the windows plus let in fresh breeze. It is a harsh and constant strain on our relationship. Our temperature control needs are so bizarre plus the people I was with and I can’t really get away from the other one. I can’t complain about the guy at work’s bizarre AC needs to my fiance Milly since it is his fault. Also, the people I was with and I both can’t agree on who takes off from their tasks to do the repair appointments. I want a rotation schedule plus Milly wants the person who is not as tied up to do it. Working from modern home plus Heating and A/C needs are going to destroy our relationship.

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