Need good a/c for my games



   I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a young kid. I constantly enjoyed spending my weekends just playing away, relaxing in a recliner as I spent hours playing video games. My parents often said those video games were a waste of time, and that I should do something better with my time. Well, what they didn’t imagine was me going to college and picking up a degree in computer technology, as I now work as a consultant for companies that produce cars, temperature controls, toys, and even video games! Strange how life comes around like that. I do like to take my work home with me, as I have a room dedicated to playing video games on both consoles and PCs.  

             While I like spending an entire day wrapped up in a great game, I used to be forced to take breaks every few hours. The room I dedicated to gaming has awful circulation, as it was intended to be a sizable storage section in this house. I’ve tried using portable fans, but they do nothing to lower the temperature in the room. I reached out to a local Heating & Air Conditioning contracting firm about the possibilities as far as cooling this room goes. The provider recommended I invest in a portable room air conditioner, which resembles a trash can on wheels. The portable a/c works perfectly to improve the air quality in a single room, separate from requiring actual upgrade which can get dirty.and costly rather hastily. I took the company’s word for it, and purchased a portable a/c from this hardware store for three hundred dollars

         . I can say, it’s worked very well for what I needed it to do! The air quality in our game room has improved greatly, and the portable a/c keeps the room just on the cusp of frosty, which helps my consoles and ipad perform without overheating as quickly. I’d highly recommend buying something like this if you need a single room cooled down, without making a “lifelong” commitment by carving out spaces for air conditioners!

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